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Educational Adventure Documentary Film

————- Message from the deep sea ————-

A documentary film that touches on the mystery of life

~ Evolutionary Mystery of giant creatures ~

Dissection of a Giant Squid

                                   50 minutes Narration by Hana 

                                   75 minutes Narration by Takehiro Murata,

The Sea of Japan: waters full of wonders.

The Sea of Japan fosters a wide variety of creatures and living organism within its waters. One of those creatures is the “Kraken”, the magnificent and elusive Giant Squid. Famous for its size – growing up to 10 m long; still very little is known of its evolution and of the secrets hidden in its enormous body. 

Through the study of Squid, this work ponders on the marvel of evolution, the mystery of life, and the meaning and value of the biodiversity that populate our planet Earth. 

Movie synopsis: 

There is a wide variety of life forms on Earth, and all of them are striving for survival.

This project began by documenting the fishermen and divers who had been in contact with a Giant Squid. Over the course of more than 5 years spent interviewing and shooting video, we were fortunate to have a close-up, chance encounter with a live, swimming Giant Squid. 

Furthermore, we had the rare opportunity to examine a preserved Giant Squid at the National Science Museum. In order to unravel the mysteries hidden in the body, we assembled a team of doctors from many university hospitals in Japan. This team, led by a neurosurgeon, performed a dissection of a Giant Squid. And for the first time, such a dissection has been recorded on camera.

With this documentary we aim to dive into the exciting future of “Squid x Human” that scientists who are passionate about researching giant creatures are exploring.

Director / Composition / Editing / Producer: Shinichi Motoki

Associate Producer: Chika Sugawa


National Science Museum — Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera

Mie University Hospital — Professor Mitsunaga Narushima

Tokyo University Institute for Atmosphere and Ocean Research – Dr. Kagari Aoki

Kagoshima University, Faculty of Fisheries – Dr. Sanae Kato

Churaumi Aquarium 

Uozu Aquarium

With the Cooperation of:

Tohoku University, Chiba University, Cancer Research Institute, 

and Shin-Matsudo Hospital

Team Bone (Juntendo University and Keio University joint Calcium Research Group)

Marine Environmental Nonprofit Organization OWS (Ocean Wildlife Society)   

Production: 2 dogs Co., Ltd.  

DVD 75 minutes edition (Japanese and English, French versions available)

DVD 50 minutes edition (actually only Japanese version available) 

Produced in 2019

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